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[] An update on the 2018-12 release marketing action items


Here are some updates from the marketing discussion that have been going on with Eclipse Foundation Marketing (EFM) regarding the upcoming release:
  • The landing page is undergoing final minor refinements and is not much different from the one I sent last time. In my judgment the layout and prominence of the important bits is satisfactory.
    • We also agreed on the flow from the homepage to the release landing page.
  • The N&N content is coming together and by the end of this week we should have a version ready for final review with EFM.
  • The numbers asked by EFM regarding number of contributions, committers and projects were forwarded. Thanks Wayne for providing them.
  • I got in touch with Holger Voorman and he already provided a preliminary video of the cool stuff in this release which I forwarded to EFM.
  • All in all I think it is comingĀ along well and we are prepared for release day.
In case you have any concern or comments please let me know. I will not be able to join today's call as I found out it existed too late and I have a conflict. I'll make sure to clear it for the upcoming calls.


Sopot Cela

Software Engineering Manager

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