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[] Naming the Simultaneous Release and products

I'd like to add an agenda item for our next call.

We need to have a name for the simultaneous release and the products that we build from it. I would like to frame the process for selecting this name on our next call.

To be clear, we need to select a name for the simultaneous release itself. In part, because the simultaneous release is actually a simultaneous release and so we need to distinguish it from the others (e.g. the Science and Jakarta EE working groups). When I refer to the "products", I mean the downloads that we refer to today as "Eclipse IDE for ..." 

The name of the simultaneous release and corresponding products can be the same. e.g. the "Eclipse Placeholder IDE for Java Developers, 2018-12 Edition" is created from the "Eclipse Placeholder Simultaneous Release".

Note that the Eclipse PMC is in the process of selecting a new name for the Top Level Project. I believe that the name that they select could be fair game for the simultaneous release (I haven't really thought it through), but I do not believe that there is any requirement that the names have any formal relationship.

I would like to invite the Eclipse Foundation's marketing director Thabang Mashologu to attend the call.



Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

Meet us at EclipseCon Europe 2018: LUDWIGSBURG, OCTOBER 23 - 25

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