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[] Solve Neon.3 problems


As proposed yesterday, I start this thread to track what would be done to solve the Neon.3 problems.

During the call I listed all the possible solutions :

A. Respin against Oxygen Mx Orbit

B. Respin with the old version of httpclient

C. Respin with the two versions	of httpclient

D. Respin with only the new fixed version of httpclient

Only two of these solutions could fix the problem, the preferred one would be the C. Respin with the two versions of httpclient.

The main issue at the moment with that solution is to fix the wiring issues existing while the two different versions of httpclient are installed.

A fix is available for the Linux Tools, Ed Merks proposed during the meeting to produce an aggregate to test, then test if this fix solves the problem and if he can reproduce the wiring issue. A work should be done also to fix the wiring issue which exists also on Oxygen.

If you have any comments/news about this thanks to use this thread.

Mélanie Bats
Eclipse Modeling Consultant
+33 5 34  57 16 29

25 Boulevard Victor Hugo - Colomiers - France

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