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Re: [] Reminder of "First Wednesday" PC meeting, 10/5/2016 12 noon

Correct, org.eclipse.platform is not a "content" feature (like JDT in the Java package, or CDT in the C/C++ package) that should itself update without being under control of EPP, nor a feature that users typically should uninstall from a package (a requirement that some users have, e.g. to remove parts of Mylyn, just to give an example).
To summarize: The root features are used in EPP to give the users the ability to remove _some_ content from a package, and to enable projects to update _some_ parts of the packages easier than before.

If we learn that the Neon structure of the packages isn't sufficient, or if we see different use cases, we should discuss possible changes for Oxygen early in the release cycle.


On 6 October 2016 at 20:30, David Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On 10/06/2016 01:20 PM, Daniel Megert wrote:
The Platform will not participate in the respin. We might consider David's suggestion below though. David, do you know who could confirm your "I believe that should be sufficient"?


Markus would be the one to answer (for sure) that the features in question are treated as "root features" in EPP packages.
You might be able to tell by studying the "content.xml" file (similar to the examples Markus points out in bug 501000#c40).

And, now that I look at it, it will depend on exactly which feature is involved. It appears from the few EPP package definitions I looked at that "org.eclipse.platform" is NOT a root feature in EPP "product definitions" but others such as "org.eclipse.jdt" ARE root features.

Change your mind any? :)


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