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Re: [] Reminder of "First Wednesday" PC meeting, 10/5/2016 12 noon

The Platform will not participate in the respin. We might consider David's suggestion below though. David, do you know who could confirm your "I believe that should be sufficient"?


From:        David Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxx>
Date:        05.10.2016 22:03
Subject:        Re: [] Reminder of "First Wednesday" PC meeting, 10/5/2016 12 noon
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On 10/05/2016 03:42 PM, Nick Boldt wrote:
> Just curious... now that the need for a respin has been decided, and
> it's scheduled to be built Monday with availability on Tuesday, is
> there time to slip in a fix for another regression?
> Asking about
> Thx,
> Nick

In short, I'd say the answer is 'yes', if the Platform and their PMC
brought if forward and it got the votes with no objections. Keep in mind
the Monday and Tuesday dates were "done" sort of dates, so that means
the fix must be a repo that could be used by the process, say, on Thursday.

BUT, an important difference between that case, and the MPC case is that
the MPC case could only be fixed by a respin (due to the way it is
"included" in the EPP packages.

As far as I know, the Platform itself is a "root feature" in the EPP
packages, so if they create their own (new) repository (under
.../eclipse/updates/4.6) then I believe that should be sufficient for
users to get the update via "check for updates".

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