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[] Notes from today's PC meeting, 10/5/2016 12 noon

I have included my notes in the agenda from today, at

PC Members, please fix anything I omitted or got wrong.

Additionally, for those not at the meeting:

  Wayne, can you comment if the "New and Noteworthy" for Neon.1 is done?

Doug, can you comment if you are still willing to lead an effort to decide and describe exactly what it means to require the ability to "update" across yearly releases? (You volunteered last June ... maybe you could report on how that is going? :)

All, please read the important sections about requiring "Type B" IP process (status quo assumed, for now) and Dani's role as "Java 9 coordinator" for a quick July update specifically for Java 9 support. (That is, while Dani is "coordinator", I am sure he would appreciate input as to what "Java 9 support" should mean for the Sim. Release repo and EPP packages.)

Thanks all,

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