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Re: [] Status and Outlook of Neon Sim. Release

Hi David,


Just got a message from the BPMN2 project lead, acknowledging that due to deadlines and travel he did not get around to doing the “paperwork” so he’s hoping to re-enter in September…





From: <> on behalf of David Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: "eclipse. org-planning-council" <>
Date: Monday 13 June 2016 at 16:33
To: "eclipse. org-planning-council" <>
Subject: [] Status and Outlook of Neon Sim. Release


PC Members,

There has been a flurry of activity to get some projects to meet the minimum requirements for a "release" (not just Sim. Release, but a regular release).

It is my understanding that (finally) all are on track for that except for SOA-BPMN2 Modeler. So, BPMN2 Modeler should be removed from Sim. Release repo.

Another "late breaking" issue is "WindowBuilder". Apparently they have never been able to "work with" the Neon release, until just the other day. Well past the RC4 deadline. I asked the project lead to submit an "Exception Request" if they wanted their new bits to be included in Neon. (And, my own advise to them was to wait and re-enter in September, after some amount of testing could be done). Of course, they can also have their own "release" if they wanted, just not be part of this initial train. And so far I have not seen that Exception Request.
So, it is my proposal to rebuild the Sim. Release with WindowBuilder and BPMN2 Modeler removed.

[And, BTW, the "linux tools" team told me they had discovered a "memory leak" they would like to fix. I said normally not "re-spin worthy" but if we had to re-spin for other reasons, they could include it].

Unless I hear otherwise at noon today (Monday, 6/13) I will respin the repository with those two projects removed. The WindowBuilder removal does impact two EPP packages, which Markus is aware of, and ok with removing for the EPP final build.

Let me know if anyone has any objections or concerns with this plan. I would announce on cross-project at about the same time I start the re-spin.


P.S. There has been some discussion, mostly on Technology PMC list about how to avoid these sorts of "last minute surprises" in the future.

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