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Re: [] Final requirements document and plan for Neon

That reminds me, the biggest challenge with 3 month releases will be dealing with a CQ deadline that’s before the last release finishes and you've started on the new one. Happened with us on CDT last year and made for some pretty late requests.

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Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2015 at 3:39 PM
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Subject: Re: [] Final requirements document and plan for Neon

I've added some dates to the planning page. Specifically,

Dec 18/2015 - Opt-in deadline
Feb 12/2016 - (Tentative) CQ Submission deadline (specify that the CQ is required for Neon)
May 26/2016 - (Tentative) IP Log submission deadline
June 2/2016 - Review materials due
June 9/2016 - End of Release Review Period

Note that while I have confidence that the IP Team will agree with my IP-related dates, I'm waiting on final confirmation.


On 09/12/15 11:40 AM, David M Williams wrote:
As discussed at our last meeting, I have updated the requirements document and plan with all the latest, for the Neon release.

Since we commit to having these done by M4, I would like to give just a short period for your final review. Let's say, by Friday, Dec. 11. I think that is feasible, since we have discussed for so long, but if anyone needs an additional few days, please say. Otherwise I will announce "final" on Monday, 12/14.

The main new section of the Plan is that one about the 3 update releases for Neon:

As for requirements, you can search for
[added 12/2015, for Neon]
to read in context, but I will past them in there, for quick review.

[added 12/2015, for Neon]. Note: If a jar is already signed by the Eclipse certificate, then it must not be re-signed by projects for the release train.

[added 12/2015, for Neon] While part of the mechanics of contributing to the build, it is required that any contribution to the Simultaneous Release repository be done by a unique change to the b3aggrcon file. There are two ways to do this. First, your contribution repository can point to a simple repository where you know for sure there is only one version of your contribution available. Second, your contribution repository can be a composite repository but then you name exactly which versions to include. That is you need to specify all 4 version fields. You can, of course, do both methods, simple repository and name exact versions if you want the safety of that redundancy.

Feel free to correct spelling or grammar at will, but anything substantial should be here on this list.


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