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Re: [] Please review my notes from Wednesday's call (from 8/5, 12 Noon)

Note, I have now updated the Mars Plan, to use the terms "update release" (instead of "service release") and Mars.1 instead of SR1. I also (tried) to describe what can go into an update release, without getting too wordy.

I have also updated the Planning Council calendar up trough September release, to use "Mars.1" instead of "Mars SR1", but still need to do February release.

If anyone notices any errors, or things that can be improved, be sure to let me know (or, correct yourself).


From:        David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
Date:        08/07/2015 03:12 PM
Subject:        [] Please review my notes from        Wednesday's call (from 8/5, 12 Noon)
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I've summarized our discussion and decisions made with respect to the naming of the September and February release.
Namely, the update releases will be named Mars.1 and Mars.2.

for my notes, and correct any errors, omissions, or clarify anything that's nonsensical.

I will use those notes and the current
Policy FAQ  to update the Plan Documents (Mars/Simultaneous Release Plan and Neon/Simultaneous Release Plan), as discussed in the meeting.

If no issues or objections raised, I will announce on Cross-Project list on Monday afternoon.



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