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[] First four milestones of Neon put in calendar

Since there were no objections (and one or two "plus ones") I have gone ahead and assumed the first four milestones of Neon will be similar to previous years, and have updated our Planning Council calendar with those dates in the plan:
                                                              Elapsed Weeks
      End Date                      Span from +0         for +0    for EPP avail
M1  Friday, August 21, 2015           08/07 to 08/21          6         8   (from previous release GA)
M2  Friday, October 02                09/18 to 10/02          6         6   (from M1)
M3  Friday, November 13               10/30 to 11/13          6         6   (from M2)
M4  Friday, December 18               12/11 to 12/18          6         5   (from M3) (shift from 2 week window to 1 week window)

I will announce soon on cross-project list.
Do note that Neon M1 and Mars SR1 RC1 are at the same time (that is, busy week ahead!)  


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