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[] Next meeting, and some items to decide before next meeting

We are not meeting again until August 5, See

But, there are two items for you to consider before then, and ideally come to agreement. I am thinking  they are not controversial, and we can document agreement via this list by next week (7/24). But, if they are controversial, we can discuss at August meeting.

1. One "todo" we have is to change the mis-perception that "new things can go into Simultaneous Release repository only once per year".
I think one thing we can do, even for Mars, is to officially change the name of September and February release. Currently called "Service Release", it has been many years since that has been true, and the only reason we haven't changed the name is because we could not think of a better one. It was suggested at previous meeting (thanks Max) that "Minor Release" would be appropriate.

So, I'd like to formally propose to change the name to "Minor Release" (even for Mars) and change "SR" abbreviations to "MR" the few places it is used. I do not think the "rules" change over what is currently documented in our Policy FAQ. I suppose that "policy" should be moved into the Plan itself, since the Policy FAQ is not easy to find.

Please indicate thumbs up or thumbs down, here to Planning Council list. If there is disagreement, please be concrete as to why, and perhaps propose alternatives. We can have more discussion at August meeting, if needed, but I think to make a change like that, as early as possible would be better.  

2. Another "todo" is the agree to a Neon Simultaneous Release Plan.
While there is still a lot of work to do on the plan, as a whole, the thing I'd like to get immediate agreement for is that the first 4 milestones would be similar in duration and dates than in previous years. (M4 is in mid-December, 2015). See Neon Simultaneous Release Plan for details. That would give individual projects (and us) something concrete to plan for in near future, while we work out details of having more "Minor Releases" for Neon.

Again, please indicate thumbs up or thumbs down, here to this list, and feel free to say if anyone thinks that is an invalid "initial plan".


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