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Re: [] Exception Request for Stardust in Kepler M5

Dear all,


With 6 +1s and no objections on this issue during last week I think we can consider it closed. I will inform the Stardust team of the acceptance of the exception request.


Thank you for your help,



From: [] On Behalf Of Achim Lörke
Sent: 29 January 2013 09:09
Subject: Re: [] Exception Request for Stardust in Kepler M5






On 28.01.2013, at 16:54, "Mos, Adrian" <adrian.mos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear Planning Council members,


As the PMC rep for the SOA TLP, I’m asking for your approval for SOA’s Stardust to join the M5 aggregation build. This has received the approval of the SOA PMC with 6 positive votes and none against. Here’s the background to this:

Stardust has been joining the Kepler release train but has not participated in the M4 build due to late realization of this requirement at the time of the decision to join in November. In the meantime, they have:

-          successfully migrated their plugins to be compatible with the Kepler baseline.

-          resolved build issues related to the git/Hudson plugin that prevented them from building successfully on non-master branches.

-          created the last CQs that were still missing and altogether clarified more than 20 CQs either by getting them approved or finding workarounds on their side. Currently their total of open CQs is down to 6 which seems manageable.

Hence, they are in a good position to get into the M5 aggregation build and successfully join the release train. Given that they are a new project with no downstream consuming projects, the risk of joining the aggregation build late seems relatively small.

Thanks in advance for your votes.


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