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Re: [eclipse.org-planning-council] Reminder of "first Wednesday" meeting 12:00 PM (Eastern).

I believe that we really need to discuss Tom's comment in the cross-project list today:

"If these bundles are in the repository, shouldn't the owning projects be Juno particpants?"

I don't know the correct answer, but it strikes me as odd that we allow non-eclipse third party dependencies to be added to the repo, but when it comes to a dependency on another project's bundles we force the other owning project to participate fully in the release.  What if the project does not want to participate?  What if there is an IP acceptable alternative (non-eclipse) project that could be used?  Would we prefer the use of that non-eclipse third party technology over the eclipse one simple because the owning eclipse project does not want to participate in the Juno release?  It seems to me that such cases should be treated as any other third party dependency and we should not force the owning project to participate in the release.


On 06/06/2012 04:55 AM, David M Williams wrote:
My apologies for late reminder ... and in fact I've not even written down agenda yet, but thought it'd be a good time to talk about
any "hot" issues for Juno that are remaining? Hopefully not much ... but ... sounds a little like some "have not been heard from"?
So good chance to clarify status of your projects?

Other than that, we'll mostly discuss how we'll rest in July, and get busy again in August and September.

We will use same phone as we've been using ... I have not had time to investigate the new "SIP number".

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