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[] Minutes of the 2011 StAC Meeting at EclipseCon


  There were 22 people with representatives of all three councils present.



-          Mike outlined the hope of the Foundation to update the Eclipse Foundation Bylaws over the summer of 2011.

-          Mike described the process, and the fact this is the first consultation on the changes, and will be presented to Board and Membership at Large tomorrow (Monday March 21st).

-          Mike outlined the following specific recommendations

o   Remove Roadmap requirement, replace with Annual Community Report.

§  Martin O asks – if we must have the project plans, why not keep the Road Map even if it just lists those plans.

·         Mike notes that the aggregate of unrelated projects plans looses value, but even if there was value it need not be forced into the Bylaws.

§  Martin Oberhuber and Dave Carver asks – why drop T&P when they do get  read by some – and there was agreement that updating the T&P could be better done as part of the release train process, not as a requirement in the bylaws.

o   Drop Membership Committee as a formal Standing Committees.  Also, promote the (ad hoc) IP Advisory Committee as an official Standing Committee.

§  Jeff McAffer notes that the wording of this bylaw change makes it appear we’re suggesting “membership” and “IP” committees are somehow interchangeable, and Mike noted that this could indeed be better described as a “delete” and “creation” of two distinct committees.

o   Remove the Requirements Council.

§  Shawn Smith notes that the RC was an artefact of a “single project vision” and that it’s time has past.

§  Paul Clenahan notes that the RC struggled for years with trying to specify themes to satisfy our projects but because of our diversity they turned into “Motherhood and Apple Pie”.

o   Put the Architecture Council in charge of the future evolution of the Eclipse Development Process.

§  David Williams asked about the process for updating the development process with these changes, and any idiosyncrasies regarding the EMO around these changes.

o   Remove the Strategic Consumers Member Ratio requirement.

§  No concerns raised.

o   Drop requirement for Annual General Meeting of the Membership at Large to be in Q1, make it available any time.

§  No concerns raised.

o   Drop rule against covering any expenses for Committers Members

§  Question was asked about how we pay for Demo Camps with this rule – answer is that is a marketing program and open to members and non members alike.

o   Drop rule allowing Committer Members to run for Sustaining Board seats

§  No concerns raised.

-          Wayne outlined discussion from earlier planning council meeting regarding SCM policies.

o   Summary is that the plan is to phase out CVS by 2012 and strongly encourage all new projects use GIT.  The plan is to continue support for Subversion, but to encourage use of GIT.

o   Mike M suggests removal of CVS from new project provisioning request.

o   Chris suggests dropping Subversion from the form as well, and not list it as a special case.

o   There was a discussion where it’s clear that the packages may very well support CVS for a long time, that decision is based on consumer needs.  The prioritization of GIT is for Foundation projects, and what goes into the packages will be determined by end user needs.

o   Wayne notes that the Planning Council noted earlier that to do builds on earlier versions requires the ongoing running of a read/writable CVS.

-          Wayne asks the general question “Where are we with build technology”

o   Dave notes that projects should be free to choose their own build technology.

o   Mike frankly notes that if the Eclipse Foundation is going to ever run and manage builds, especially longer term, we need to restrict to one.



-          Don



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Subject: [] StAC Meeting at EclipseCon


We will be holding (I believe our third annual) StAC meeting at EclipseCon on Sunday, March 20th at 4pm in the Bayshore rooms of the Hyatt Santa Clara.


Mike will be presenting proposed changes to the Bylaws that will impact the councils for discussion and feedback.  Our timing will be good as this will be a major topic at the Board and Member meetings the next day.


If you have any other items you would like to propose to the agenda, please do let me know.


-          Don


Save the dates for EclipseCon 2011, March 21-24


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