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[] Reminder of our Sunday EclipseCon meeting ....

It will be at 3 PM, Sunday, at the Napa room in the Hyatt.

I have written an agenda at Feel free to add to it, if you have a topic that is not covered.

Please be sure to consult with the projects or strategic members you represent, if you haven't already, so you can speak to the issues we will be discussing.

If you will not be able to make the meeting, please let us know (say, by marking an 'R' in attendance table) and feel free to let us know (via email or this list) if you have any opinions on the issues to be discussed, (For example, if your project/member is really looking forward to moving to Eclipse 4.2 as primary platform, or if 3.8 is still desired to be primary and 4.2 secondary.)  While I would not expect us to make any final-for-all-time decisions on such issues, I suspect we will set the general direction, based on our discussions there.


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