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[] TODOs from today's meeting for compliance checklists

This a reminder of issues/oddities with the "compliance checklists" that need some attention from some of you:
You can start and drill down, if you need to, from here

Oisin: stp
only one has data: stp sca
one 'stp' is probably a "container project" and just needs to have its Simultaneous Release flag unset?
stp bpmnmodeler? Are they no longer releasing? releasing, but not in common repo? Please make sure the form is filled out by release review, if they plan on releasing.

Gary: Birt  (and a few others)
please fill in the planning and ip doc urls (at least).

Wayne/Chris ejit/jget ... looks like it already received a little TLC already? Thanks!

Modeling ... where to start :) ... 5 subprojects appear to not be participating ... from a casual glance.

Anthony mentioned a few of the gmf ones that were containers, or "dropped out" with their restructuring. Anthony, can you try unchecking the sim. rel. flag ... or fill in valid data if this are really supposed to have it.

Ed, Is there 4 you need to handle? Can you get some help?
From a previous note to day, I suspect you've never used this new system of forms and discovered how easy the Eclipse Foundation has made it. 5-10 minutes would get you 80% done, I suspect. They've done a good job of providing these tools.

All: a checklist was supposed to be included with your release materials. Did you? Did anyone besides webtools? I know this system got on-line a little late, and I didn't have time to keep a watch on all of you ... but, I shouldn't have to.

Long run, I think we'll enjoy these tools more when we can use them over whole cycle (to better monitor progress) and also if/when some can be better automated or ... best of all ... tie some to automatic tests! But ... that's all future.

I'd appreciate some "clean up" now as we end this release so we at least we look like a group of professionals working together ... instead of some haphazard collections of uncoordinated pieces of things.

Sincerest thanks.

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