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[] Re: Ecore Tools Helios Review Materials


Perhaps they were deleted when we didn't want that; I asked for an exception (it got only +1 votes). I've been added as a committer to meet all the obligations. Perhaps David could comment? The Cloudsmith folks have been working hard to help produce the builds. The Amalgamation package is depending on it being in Helios.

I've submitted the IP log using the magic button. (Sorry, someone else has always handled these administrative details and I wasn't aware I needed to push that button.)


Anne Jacko wrote:
Hi Ed --

For some reason emft.ecoretools is not listed in the Helios matrix -- is this just an oversight?

Also, could someone please submit the IP Log using the automatic tool, or by emailing it to emo-ip-team? I can get the docuware from the url provided. Thanks.

Anne Jacko

On May 28, 2010, at 12:05 PM, Ed Merks wrote:

Not sure who should +1 this other than me...

Ed Merks wrote:

The Ecore Tools Helios review material is available at

The iplog is available at

The short summary is:

Ecore Tools provides a complete environment to create, edit and maintain Ecore models. This component eases handling of Ecore models with a Graphical Ecore Editor and bridges to other existing Ecore tools, e.g., Validation, Search, Compare, and so on. The Graphical Ecore Editor implements multi-diagram support, a custom tabbed properties view, validation feedbacks, refactoring capabilities. This was a maintenance only release.


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