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[] Exception for LinuxTools and Helios

Greeting noble planning council. I submit, on behalf of the Linux Tools Project (technology.linux-distros), this request for an exception to be included in Helios after the deadline.



Andrew Overholt wrote:

The Linux Tools project apologizes for missing the Helios M4 deadline.
I was late starting our discussion on joining and was unclear on the
deadline for joining I also started on a Helios-specific build too late.
In creating the build, I ran into some issues with the JUnit4 updates in
the Eclipse SDK.  These factors combined to make us late joining.  We
would like to request that an exception be made to allow us to join the
Helios release train.  We believe that our project opens up an area of
growth for the Eclipse community.  Specifically, we believe that our
target audiences of C/C++ developers -- specifically those on Linux --
and Linux distribution users are growth areas for Eclipse.  Our success
to date can be seen with very well-received demonstrations at Linux
conferences and our growing, diverse committer and contributor base.
Being a part of the Helios release train will give our project broad
exposure and provide more evidence to Eclipse consumers that the
ecosystem is flexible, dynamic, and growing in new areas.

Thank you for your consideration,

Andrew (on behalf of Linux Tools project)

P.S. Sorry, the blame lies solely with me.

Wayne Beaton, The Eclipse Foundation

I'm going to EclipseCon!

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