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RE: [] Release train wiki pages

John, et al,


You may likely be interested in knowing that as per the Bylaws[1], the three Councils (Requirements, Planning, Architecture) are actually defined as being part of the Eclipse Management Organization (EMO). In other words, I do agree that stating "The Eclipse Foundation produces a simultaneous release"  is appropriate. An alternate formulation could be "The Eclipse Foundation and its projects produce a simultaneous release".


I hope that helps.


[1] see pages 16-18


I was also asked if it is correct to say "The Eclipse Foundation produces a simultaneous release". I think this is right, as I believe the planning council and committer members are "part of" the Eclipse Foundation. We tend to equate "Eclipse Foundation" with "Eclipse Management Organization (EMO)", but I think these are distinct entities (the EMO being a small but important element of the overall Foundation). Am I splitting hairs here? Would it be better to say "The Eclipse community produces a simultaneous release"? This doesn't seem right either, as anybody using or talking about Eclipse is in some way part of the Eclipse community. Please dive in to correct me here...

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