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[] Release train wiki pages

I finally got tired today of trying to remember for the Nth time when a particular simultaneous release came out, or the exact order of releases. So, I created a simple wiki page with a high level summary of the existing simultaneous releases:

It was surprisingly hard to track down all that release information, so I think it will prove useful. Feel free to edit/correct/augment this page, although I think it's best to keep it as short as possible so that it provides a quick "at a glance" summary.  Also with the help of Remy Suen the wiki template wizard, I added a simple succession box at the bottom of each release main wiki page so that it is easy to navigate between the different releases.

One thing I noticed while doing this, is that we have many terms for our release train: "simultaneous release", "coordinated release", "annual release", "release train", etc. I think we should strive to use a consistent term to avoid confusion for the wider community, and I somewhat arbitrarily picked "simultaneous release" for this wiki page. If other council members have thoughts on this please chime in - we can perhaps discuss at the next call if it proves to be worthy of debate.

I was also asked if it is correct to say "The Eclipse Foundation produces a simultaneous release". I think this is right, as I believe the planning council and committer members are "part of" the Eclipse Foundation. We tend to equate "Eclipse Foundation" with "Eclipse Management Organization (EMO)", but I think these are distinct entities (the EMO being a small but important element of the overall Foundation). Am I splitting hairs here? Would it be better to say "The Eclipse community produces a simultaneous release"? This doesn't seem right either, as anybody using or talking about Eclipse is in some way part of the Eclipse community. Please dive in to correct me here...


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