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Re: [] Notes from today's meeting ... and a request to those not there ...

> For those of you had to drop off early (Oisin, Cedric) or did not attend the
> call (Wayne, John, Chris, Anthony, and Christian)

That would be a +1, and a  +1 from my perspective. Apologies for
exiting the call early.

On another topic, the mention of "sub-sub-projects" is a little worrying,
after all, how far do the turtles go down? They used to go down just one
level, now they go down three?

With the rules of "there is no review unless it is requested" I think that
the many multiple review potentials to that sub-sub- level might lessen
the amount of time that individuals can spend doing worthy review. I
mean - less work is always good, but skimming reviews might be harmful?


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