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RE: [] Fragility of the XML project plan

Hi Christian,
I suppose that's the Turing Test at play :-)  What I consider inconsequential means nothing to the parser.
I didn't consider that the schema would be this issue--I got the template for my plan from my PMC lead and didn't think to modify any of that stuff.  When I said I had "more than passing familiarity" with XML, what I meant was "I know how to spell it". :-)
OK, I will go back into my cave and try to stay warm with this little camp stove, but maybe we could at least have some error messages?

From: [] On Behalf Of Christian W. Damus
Sent: Friday, January 16, 2009 1:49 PM
Subject: Re: [] Fragility of the XML project plan

Hi, Eric,

I'm not sure that it is "mildly" invalid input.

Your plan.xml declares XHTML as the default namespace:


XHTML is as strict about tag matching as any other XML schema.  That's one of its advantages over HTML.  :-)

Probably the project-plan renderer uses a validating parser to load the plan.xml, so the process bombs before the PHP ever sees anything?



On 16-Jan-09, at 2:41 PM, CLONINGER ERIC-DCP874 wrote:

Hi David,
I am using the XML editor.  I am a bit embarrassed to say I just checked and I am using Europa and not Ganymede. I haven't moved all my project management stuff over to Ganymede along with coding. <red_face/>  Perhaps the newer version will help me catch my mistakes.  Note to self....
My real concern is how the server handles mildly invalid input.


Christian W. Damus
Senior Software Developer, Zeligsoft Inc.
Component Lead, Eclipse MDT OCL and EMF-QTV

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