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[] Fragility of the XML project plan

I made some changes to the my XML project plan this morning based on our recent release. I ran the validator in Eclipse Ganymede and it showed no problems.
When I uploaded the file and it became live a few minutes later, my project plan would no longer render.  This isn't the first time this has happened, and I remembered that Firefox has a better validator than Eclipse.  I loaded the XML into Firefox and it showed that the problem was an unmatched paragraph end (</p>) element in one of the sections (cut/paste error) text. Removing the extra element and uploading solved the problem. I accept full responsibility for breaking my project plan. It was my edit and upload that caused the problem. I will make certain to use Firefox to validate my XML instead of Eclipse in the future. 
However, several thoughts come to mind...
  1. Does the XML renderer on understand the difference in severity between an unmatched paragraph element and completely malformed XML? I'm not an XML guru, but I have more than a passing familiarity. I would think the parser/renderer could be a little more lenient on non-catastrophic errors. At least give an error message in the output instead of just a blank frame.
  2. If Firefox can find the error, shouldn't we have the same ability in Eclipse?
Eric Cloninger
Sr. Product Manager, MOTODEV Studio
Eclipse Tools for Mobile Linux Project Lead
ericc@xxxxxxxxxxxx, +1 408-731-6500

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