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Re: [] Where would you like your Galileo bugs?

Title: Re: [] Where would you like your Galileo bugs?
Hi Kim,

The idea is that each train requirement will be tracked in Bugzilla, with each train participant having a cloned entry for each requirement that will depend on the master.  This will facilitate tracking/reporting of our status, and help manage the train requirements as each is now assigned a target milestone.  It’s a lot of bugs, in total, but Bjorn volunteered to have Foundation resources do the brunt of the work for us all.  Following creation, it’s a matter of each participant updating the status of each bug as the requirement is satisfied.

It’s explained a bit in our notes from this week’s meeting:


On 10/30/08 3:46 PM, "Kim Moir" <Kim_Moir@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Bjorn, could you please define what you mean by "cloned Galileo bugs" before my bucket becomes full of them :-)


Bjorn Freeman-Benson <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: 10/30/2008 01:54 PM

Please respond to
""        <>


"" <>


[] Where would you like your Galileo        bugs?

Galileo Leads,
I am creating all the cloned Galileo bugs as per our discussion at EclipseWorld. Before I do, I'd like to know where you want me to put the bugs for your project(s). Here is the table I have so far:
Classification Product Component
Buckminster Tools Buckminster internal-build
CDT Tools CDT cdt-releng
DLTK Technology DLTK Common
DSDP TM DSDP Target Management Core
DTP DataTools releng
ECF RT ECF ecf.core
Platform Eclipse Platform Releng
Equinox RT Equinox Framework
EMF Modeling EMF Releng
EMFT Modeling EMFT Releng
EPP Technology EPP installer
GEF Tools GEF releng
GMF Modeling GMF Releng
MDT Modeling MDT Releng
M2M Modeling M2M Releng
M2T Modeling M2T Releng
TMF Modeling TMF Releng
Mylyn Tools Mylyn Core
RAP Technology RAP Workbench
STP STP build.system
Subversive Technology Subversive Core
TPTP TPTP TPTP Release Engineering Build
WTP WebTools Web Tools General

Rich, Ed,
If you'd like the modeling sub-sub-projects to have their own set of cloned bugs, please let me know which sub-sub-projects and which bugzilla component to file them under - thanks.

- Bjorn

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