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Re: [] Where would you like your Galileo bugs?

Title: Re: [] Where would you like your Galileo bugs?
Great, thanks for entering all the master bugs, Bjorn.  We’ll get back with the Modeling list ASAP.


On 10/30/08 1:54 PM, "Bjorn Freeman-Benson" <bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Galileo Leads,
I am creating all the cloned Galileo bugs as per our discussion at EclipseWorld. Before I do, I'd like to know where you want me to put the bugs for your project(s). Here is the table I have so far:

  Project   Classification   Product   Component   
  Buckminster   Tools   Buckminster   internal-build   
  CDT   Tools   CDT   cdt-releng   
  DLTK   Technology   DLTK   Common   
  DSDP DD   DSDP   DD   General   
  DSDP TM   DSDP   Target Management   Core   
  DTP   DataTools       releng   
  ECF   RT   ECF   ecf.core   
  Platform   Eclipse   Platform   Releng   
  Equinox   RT   Equinox   Framework   
  EMF   Modeling   EMF   Releng   
  EMFT   Modeling   EMFT   Releng   
  EPP   Technology   EPP   installer   
  GEF   Tools   GEF   releng   
  GMF   Modeling   GMF   Releng   
  MDT   Modeling   MDT   Releng   
  M2M   Modeling   M2M   Releng   
  M2T   Modeling   M2T   Releng   
  TMF   Modeling   TMF   Releng   
  Mylyn   Tools   Mylyn   Core   
  RAP   Technology   RAP   Workbench   
  STP   STP       build.system   
  Subversive   Technology   Subversive   Core   
  TPTP   TPTP   TPTP Release Engineering   Build   
  WTP   WebTools   Web Tools   General   
Rich, Ed,
If you'd like the modeling sub-sub-projects to have their own set of cloned bugs, please let me know which sub-sub-projects and which bugzilla component to file them under - thanks.

- Bjorn

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