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[] Roadmap Process

Project Leaders,
As project leaders, I'm sure you're aware that the Eclipse Board of Directors requires us to put together a Roadmap each year. The process and the deadlines that the Board has set for us are:

  1. By *September 30th, 2008*, all projects will have public project
     plans in the standardized project plan format (see
  2. The PMCs will review these plans during the month of October 2008.
  3. The PMCs will deliver these plans to the Planning Council at the
     end of October and the Planning Council will meet during the month
     of November (either physically or virtually) to write the planning
     section of the Roadmap.
  4. The Planning and Requirements Councils will deliver the complete
     Roadmap document to the Board of Directors at the end of November
     for the Board's consideration and approval during a plenary
     Council+Board meeting in December.

So, the key message here is that you (and I, because I'm a project lead too, thus really "we") have to complete our project plans, in the specified format, using the project meta-data and everything, by September 30th. My calendar shows that we have 67 calendar days and 47 work-week-days (modulo various holidays) to complete our project plans.

- Bjorn

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