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[] Ganymede Release - IP Review

Below is a list of Projects for which we are still waiting on information for the IP Review.   In order to be in a position to approve components for the Ganymede release, we will need to have received your information in time to review and approve it and we are running out of time.  If we have made an error, please let us know.  Otherwise, let's get crackin'.
Project Component(s) Releasing About Files IP Log
BIRT BIRT Missing Missing
DSDP NAB NAB Missing Missing
Modeling M2M ATL Missing Missing
Modeling M2M QVTO Missing Missing
Modeling M2T JET Received Missing
Modeling MDT OCL Missing Received
Modeling MDT UML2 Tools Missing Received
Tech ECF ECF Missing Missing
Tech EPP EPP Missing Missing
Tech Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) RAP Missing Missing
Tech Subversive Subversive Missing Received  
The Eclipse Project Equinox Missing Received  
The Eclipse Project JDT Missing Missing
The Eclipse Project PDE Missing Missing
The Eclipse Project Platform Missing Missing
Tools Buckminster Buckminister Missing Missing
Tools CDT CDT Missing Missing
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Legal Counsel & Manager, Intellectual Property
Phone:  +1.613.224.9461, x.229 (GMT -5)
Fax:  +1.613.224.5172

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