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[] Ganymede review docuware


Thanks to the many projects who sent in slides for the Ganymede review. And this is a reminder for those projects that haven't yet sent them (they were due yesterday, May 21).

Here's what we are asking you to send:

Every sub-project or component with a separate site contribution (.sc) file is considered to be a separate project, and needs to send in a separate slide deck. We also ask that you send in an additional "mini-deck" of three to four slides with an overview of your project. We will combine the mini-decks into an overview section of the Ganymede Release slide deck. We will archive the "normal" slide deck you send as your project-specific Ganymede release docuware, as well as include it in the Ganymede Release slide deck that is used for the review call.

Here's the list of projects for which I don't have slides (apologies in advance if you sent them and you're on the list anyway, and please let me know you sent them so I can search for them):

stp (thanks, Oisin, for letting me know that your project is running a bit late.)

Anne Jacko

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