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[] Re: Ganymede "must do" #13

13. pack200 - I can't figure out how to detect whether the jars have been conditioned for packing. Any suggestions?
Not sure if this has already been suggested, but why not scan our update sites for .pack.gz files? Assuming you find .pack.gz files, doesn't that also mean the jars were conditioned?

For example...

   if [[ $(find
   /home/data/httpd/ -name
   "*.pack.gz") ]]; then echo "Packed jars found!"; else echo "No
   packed jars found."; fi

Incidentally, does the Ganymatic use .pack.gz files if it finds them on the source update sites, or does it just recreate them from the jars it finds?

The other approach would be to do what we did last year: add a column to the Ganymede page in the wiki and let people state their compliance level.


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