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[] Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Notes from a Heretic: Why do we have the Ganymede update site?

Bjorn Freeman-Benson wrote:
<stuff deleted>

the project-specific update site ...makes it a lot harder to get the combination of features that they actually want from Ganymede...
Why would that be? Shouldn't your project-specific update site have references to all the other update sites that are necessary to install all the features of your project?

I wasn't referring to dependencies, as in our case as a +1 project it doesn't have any other required update sites (just depends upon platform alone).

By 'harder to get the combination of features' I meant the user selecting a subset of all Ganymede features...say, EMF core, DSDP-TM, Buckminster, and ECF...but not any/all of the other features in Ganymede. With the Ganymede update site that's via a single update site, rather than 4 update sites.

So I think the Ganymede update site serves a useful/usable purpose...
Then I look forward to your contributions as part of the Ganymede releng team.

I thought my name/presence on this page basically made me part of the the Ganymede releng team: But maybe that's a misinterpretation.

Further, Ganymede itself gets some the the member companies, etc.
I don't see how replacing the central update site with a better for users and better for adopters technology would change the promotion efforts... ?

I don't think having no Ganymede update site is better for users or better for adopters.

RE: promotion...without a Ganymede update site I don't see that there is much about Ganymede to promote.

>So I guess what I'm saying is:
>    * Ganymede isn't about an update site, and

Then without an update site...what is it?

>    * The update site is a lot of work, and

No argument.

>    * There are better solution for the end users, so...

I don't think it's better for end users...that they would then have to go to n update sites (or download a package with n update sites) to see, find, and install a few features.


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