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[] Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Notes from a Heretic: Why do we have the Ganymede update site?

Some replies from me...

Schaefer, Doug wrote:
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You know having been there since day one, the update site isn't what the train is all about. The update site is a quick way to allow us to test that all the plug-ins load together and don't break anything major. That's what the train is all about. At least it was until it took on a life of it's own...
Exactly! Thank you, Doug.

Scott Lewis wrote:
Especially going toward p2 (which emphasizes the use of Eclipse update even more as the primary way to install bundles), it seems to me that de-emphasizing using update sites (in favor of packages) is sort of strange.
I didn't say "de-emphasizing update sites", I said "don't have two sets of update sites: one central one and N for each project".

the project-specific update site ...makes it a lot harder to get the combination of features that they actually want from Ganymede...
Why would that be? Shouldn't your project-specific update site have references to all the other update sites that are necessary to install all the features of your project?
So I think the Ganymede update site serves a useful/usable purpose...
Then I look forward to your contributions as part of the Ganymede releng team.

Further, Ganymede itself gets some the the member companies, etc. 
I don't see how replacing the central update site with a better for users and better for adopters technology would change the promotion efforts... ?

Pascal Rapicault wrote:

From a non-technical point of view, this is necessary to give visibility to projects for which it does not make sense to either be an EPP package on their own, or would have to be included in every package (think things like ECF, SVN, etc...). Without the ganymede site, users could not discover all the diversity and they would have to known about things by word of mouth and site hunting.

Is the update site the best way to do that?  Is not something like Yoxos ( or Cloudsmith ( a better way to discover the rich diversity of that which is Eclipse?

Jeff McAffer wrote:
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I will echo the other opinions in favour of continuing to have the release train update site.

I look forward to your joining the Ganymede update site releng team alongside Scott.

This is the one stop shop that is what the train is all about.  Packages are not everything.  Project update sites can quickly get populated with other stuff that is not part of Ganymede.  End users (aka the unwashed masses) will be confused if they have to go multiple places.  The developers (aka us) know what’s going on and the semi clean/dirty may get a bit confused but likely know enough to sort it out.


See statement on comment above.

So I guess what I'm saying is:
  • Ganymede isn't about an update site, and
  • The update site is a lot of work, and
  • There are better solution for the end users, so...
  • Why are building a Ganymede update site?

- Bjorn

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