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Re: [] Your comments on a standard project plan format

I like the format, think it is easy to understand and work with.

One addition that I think would be very useful is a section for "How to build from source", where it is possible to include a Buckminster CQuery. A good start is support for a single query for "latest on dev", but it is perhaps even more useful if the query is associated with a release - esp. if a user needs to get a configuration to fix something in a maintenance release.

My proposal is to add an optional attribute to the <milestone> element called "cquery" that takes a Buckminster CSPEC  URL.  Typical use would be to associate the cquery url with a release milestone and have that represent "the latest", but if needed it is possible to maintain a  CQuery  for an earlier milestone.

(other than that - I am all "happiness and agreement" :)
- henrik

On Mar 17, 2008, at 2:45 AM, Bjorn Freeman-Benson wrote:

Planning and Architecture Council members,
As I described in the planning council meeting today, I've drafted up an XML format for project plans and I'd appreciate any comments, suggestions, or additions that you have.  The document is here: and an example is here:  I'm specifically interested in any additional fields that you might be interested in for your project.

(Remember, silence may be golden, but it also implies happiness and agreement :-)

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