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RE: [] RE:[] Eclipse Project AnnouncementandProject Review Schedule

Hi Boris,

Incubator projects are process workaround for parallel-IP work. And
anyway, the real discussion here is about diversity on Eclipse 4.0.

And yes, I'm happy to continue this on planet eclipse.


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> Whoa.  I expected a flamewar on planeteclipse, but not here.
> Doug Gaff wrote:
> > What is frustrating me about this project proposal
> You misread the announcement e-mail.  It is not a project proposal,
> merely
> a new *component* in the existing Eclipse Incubator project.  I admit
> that
> one can easily be confused with the other.
> We realized (admittedly, very late) that nobody from the SWT team had
> commit rights in the existing Eclipse Incubator project. Creating a
> component in that Incubator project was the fastest way to create a
> home
> for experimental code that we will be demoing at EclipseCon, with
> access to everybody who has been involved so far - people at IBM,
> Innoopract, and Code 9.
> The key words are "so far" - our hope is to find more people and
> companies
> who would like to work with us on e4.
> Could we continue this discussion in a more open forum? The Planning
> Council mailing list is not open to everybody; I had to ask nicely to
> be
> added as a subscriber. For example, could a new mailing list be
> created,
> e.g. eclipse-incubator-e4-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx? (I believe we asked for
> as
> part of the component creation process already.)
> Boris
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