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RE: [] Re: Ganymede M5

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Hi Bjorn,
The errors that you see from pack200 are scarey. In case the pack200
command which prints those errors actually does create some .pack.gz
files in spite of the errors, I think you are at risk of producing an invalid
update site, which a pack200-enabled JRE like Java 1.5 would not be
able to consume.
In case no .pack.gz file is created whenever an error is printed, I
think you are on the safe side though performance might suffer slightly
since fewer files than possible would be packed.
how did you run pack200?
I think that you must run the Eclipse siteOptimizer, or you risk creating invalid files.
The siteOptimizer must honor settings from the Eclipse.inf file which the Projects
have put in there.
Also, you can NOT pack the following plugins:
  • org.eclipse.ocl.doc
  • org.eclipse.rap.ui.intro
  • org.eclipse.uml2.doc
These produce invalid data, which can NOT be unpacked. When consumed with
an 1.5 JRE, your released Ganymede site would be invalid.
You may want to consider attached mirroring script, which I used to create
an "Archived Update Site" which mostly contains packed plugins. That archive
is located on
it is 287MB large, built from the "Weekend Ganymede M5",
and I successfully used it to install all of Ganymede M5 on a WinXP laptop,
as well as upgrade to Ganymede M5 on Linux RHEL4.
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

From: [] On Behalf Of Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Sent: Montag, 25. Februar 2008 19:55
To: Markus Knauer
Cc: Eclipse WebMaster (Denis Roy); Cross project issues;; Eclipse Packaging Project
Subject: [] Re: Ganymede M5

Markus, Denis, Everyone,
I've run the pack200 over the M5 staging site. And the digester. Then I removed all the existing files from the live Ganymede update site, copied the staging site to the live site. So now the only files on the live Ganymede update site are the M5 bits.
Denis should (I think) set the servers to 'blocked' to allow the bits to propagate and then, yes, you/we can announce M5 tomorrow.

- Bjorn

P.S. The pack200 process had a lot of problems like this:

Running on /home/data/users/bfreeman/downloads/releases/ganymede/staging/plugins/org.eclipse.rse.dstore.source_3.0.0.v20080217-7K-_7DUUEFDEUMZ.jar
Running Pack on /home/data/users/bfreeman/downloads/releases/ganymede/staging/plugins/org.eclipse.rse.dstore.source_3.0.0.v20080217-7K-_7DUUEFDEUMZ.jar
STDERR: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.SecurityException: SHA1 digest error for META-INF/eclipse.inf
STDERR:         at
STDERR:         at java.util.jar.JarVerifier.processEntry(
STDERR:         at java.util.jar.JarVerifier.update(
STDERR:         at java.util.jar.JarVerifier$
STDERR:         at
STDERR:         at$File.readFrom(
STDERR:         at$DoPack.readFile(
STDERR:         at$
STDERR:         at
STDERR:         at
Error: 1 was returned from command: /home/data/users/bfreeman/ganymede/ibm-java2-ppc-50/jre/bin/pack200 -E4 /home/data/httpd/ /home/data/httpd/

Many jars worked fine, others had problems. Any ideas?

Markus Knauer wrote:
Hi Bjorn,

tomorrow (Tuesday) is Ganymede M5 Release day.

So I wanted to ask you about the current status of the Ganymede staging update 
site, and when you are able to copy the bits from staging to release.

* I will update tomorrow if nobody 
sends me a 'no-go', and ask Ian to update the link in the top right corner on 
the main download page.


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