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[] EPP Ganymede M5

Hi Bjorn,

tomorrow (Tuesday) is Ganymede M5 Release day.

So I wanted to ask you about the current status of the Ganymede staging update 
site, and when you are able to copy the bits from staging to release.

EPP package status:

* I'd like to use the EPP 20080225-0440 build as Ganymede M5. It is based on 
the Ganymede staging update site build 2008_54_14_36_59 and it seems to be 
stable enough. The only difference to the newest 2008_56_12_47_09 build is an 
update of the Buckminster feature which isn't included in the EPP packages.

* I've copied and renamed the files to the download area today which gives the 
Eclipse mirrors some time to pick up these files.

* I will update tomorrow if nobody 
sends me a 'no-go', and ask Ian to update the link in the top right corner on 
the main download page.


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