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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Re: []RE: EclipseCon memory stick and Ganymede M5

I can't give the final word on the memory stick.

However the process for EPP packages is documented on the EPP wiki.

For M5, we asked that the packages were defined by Feb. 11 so you a bit late
for that but I do think there is still an opportunity to define a package
for Ganymede.

Btw, here are two examples of packages being defined and

Markus and I would be happy to help anyone that wants to define their own


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What's the final word on what is included on the memory stick? Will the 
Ganymede Update Site be included? If not, how can I make sure that our 
project is included in one of the EPP packages?

Thomas Hallgren

Pascal Rapicault wrote:
> Hello,
> After much discusssion and a close look at the M6 plan, the p2 team has
> regret to announce that it can not commit to produce installers for the
> EclipseCon stick.
> PaScaL

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