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Re: [] RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] EclipseCon and Ganymede M5

A few answers to some of Nick's questions:

Nick Boldt wrote:
* Would it be possible to have the staff that are manning the sign-in
booths ALSO be running laptops to update the contents of the sticks?
No, this is not practical. The amount of time that it takes to copy the files onto the stick would slow down registration too much.
* Or, would people be willing to attend a Sunday-night-before-the-con
BoF for getting M5eh updated onto the sticks? (I'm game.)
It would have to be Saturday night before EclipseCon, not Sunday night, because registration starts on Sunday. But even then, if you do the math on 1,600 memory sticks and how long it would take to update each stick (grab, insert into computer, wait for computer to recognize, copy files, tell computer to eject, grab and throw), it would be a very long and very boring evening.
* Or, could there be local mirrors set up with the whole Ganymede M5
stack on it? Sure, it won't be on the sticks, but the sticks could
point to the URL where the updated version would be easily fetched.
Yes, we will have a local mirror onsite again this year, just as we have had every year so far (thanks Denis!).
How big are the sticks? The current Ganymede update site is 661M.
1 Gb memory sticks. The presentations are estimated to take up 150Mb (based on previous year's file sizes).  However, we're not going to include the whole Ganymede update site but rather the EPP packages.
Also, I ran into some people last year who came to the con w/o Eclipse
or a JDK already on their laptops. It would be great if we could
provide JDKs on the stick too, provided no objections re:
That's a good idea but I wonder if we can pull it off (legal-wise) in time. Nick, could you put in me in touch with the right person at IBM to agree to such a thing? Also, the "Ganymede M5 packages on the stick" is not designed to solve everyone's problems. My assumption was that it would be most useful to people who are already using Eclipse on their laptops and thus already have a JDK installed.

- Bjorn
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