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Re: [eclipse.org-planning-council] Who's +3 again?

So when we were mangling the schedule timings to compress the + differentials,
we brought in +3 to happen 2 days after +2 - I was looking for a short grace
period in which we could ensure that SOA Tools was 100% after all our +2
dependencies had hit their date. IFIRC, UML2 Tools had the same issue.

So, that said... here's a question. Should +2 still mean "only two deps" or should it mean "2-5 deps" and +3 be the tier for "5+ deps"? In other words, should people be able to decide which date they want, the +2 or the +3 date?

I don't think that the +differentials correlate with the number of dependencies. It's a banding exercise, and right now there are +0, +1, +2, +3 and EPP final bands.

I put this question to the projects/components with the longer stacks: if you depend on more than Eclipse + EMF, are you a +2 or a +3? And where does the line blur?

I've always held the thought that you should compute the band using

 (my band) = (my dependency with highest band number) + 1


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