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Re: [] Who's +3 again?

Couple factoids:

a) EPP is supposed to be building as part of Ganymatic. If not today, then sooner or later. Bjorn's AFK for a while so I don't know the update on this or how often he'll be mail-checking.

b) What I'd wanted when suggesting the need for +3 and +4 was a way for the long-stack builds like GMF (8 dependencies) and UML2 Tools (9 dependencies) to have more time to get everything in place and to test. Having everyone +2-or-more trying to release on the same day meant that the +5, +8, +9 components sometimes were delayed and thus ended up being late. To avoid this I wanted to introduce more levels of granularity than just Platform, the handful of +1s, and the 'everyone else' bucket.

So, that said... here's a question. Should +2 still mean "only two deps" or should it mean "2-5 deps" and +3 be the tier for "5+ deps"? In other words, should people be able to decide which date they want, the +2 or the +3 date?

Or have we just decided on Platform, handful of +1s, all the +2s, and everyone else == +3-or-more?

I put this question to the projects/components with the longer stacks: if you depend on more than Eclipse + EMF, are you a +2 or a +3? And where does the line blur?

I'm a litte verklempt. Discuss. ;-)


On Nov 13, 2007 1:18 PM, Gaff, Doug <doug.gaff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I had trouble hearing that part of the conversation at the PC meeting.  What is the definition of +3?  Martin Oberhuber said he thought it was just for the packaging project.


From: [] On Behalf Of David M Williams
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 1:01 PM
Subject: [] Who's +3 again?


Now that we went through all that work to allow a +3 in the schedule, can people please update the table at
to reflect who is planning on being +3?
I seem to recall GMF? SOA Tools? was going to be? But don't recall details, or others.


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