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Re: [] A suggested topic for PlanningCouncil Discussion

jograham@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
We have policies and procedures
designed to include the Eclipse community at large, and I was wondering how
policies decided only by the Planning Council interact with that system.
Yoikes, I certainly was not trying to say that the Planning Council should trump the community-at-large. My philosophy was more about "the simultaneous release is a product of the Planning Council, just as the WTP download is a product of the WTP PMC". Thus the Planning Council should define what it means to be part of simultaneous release.
Of course it is possible that a project
not on the release train but wishing to release on the same day as the
release train could get its IP reviewed in time, 
Of course.
the past, however, I think it's fair to say that projects on the release
train have enjoyed higher priority for their IP requests, and I was
wondering if the release train is the right way to make such a distinction
in service levels (assuming we should at all), rather than (random examples
follow), say, mature/incubating, +1 dependency/+2 dependency projects
That's correct. In the past the priority has been: (i) +0 projects, (ii) +1 projects, (iii) +2 projects, (iv) non-simultaneous release mature projects, and (v) everything else.

- Bjorn

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