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Re: [] A suggested topic for Planning Council Discussion

Hi Ed,

Ed Merks wrote:

I think we need to address all these needs.  It's just not clear that a one
size fits all train does the job any better than a small tent makes a good
t-shirt just because it "fits" everyone.

I agree.

We can't just live in an
idealistic world where all projects are equal because it's just not

I really don't think I'm proposing living any unrealistic/idealistic world. I like to think I'm just proposing that we live in the world of our choosing/making (i.e. an open, inclusive organization).

(I can't believe I'm arguing against idealism, but it seems

I'm surprised too!

I think Doug's idea has merit.

I think Doug has merit :), but I don't like that idea at all, for stated reasons and below.

I think there need to be folks
who take responsibilities for the packages.  That takes dedication and

Yes, I agree. As an example, I probably others would like to create a package (and have it distributed via EF) for Team Collaboration. Notwithstanding my own resource limitations, I can't currently do this (because I can't create an EPP package, I can't create the EF download pages, I can't do integration testing with all included projects, etc., etc). So I think there are two main issues: 1) the openness...and fairness frankly...of having a two/n-tier system with current technologies; and 2) resources (Doug G's point).

It seems to me that those who are so dedicated and who cough up
the resource will be in the position to define what's in and what's not...

True...but there are, of course, tangible limits to how much can be done individually as opposed to cooperatively (e.g. access/tools/framework). That's reality too. I think people would probably recognize that I and others have dedicated a lot in terms of resources, and are willing to provide more...but it doesn't seem out of line to expect in good faith that other community members will also be cooperative and supportive of those shared goals in order to achieve the desired community result.


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