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RE: [] A suggested topic for Plann ingCouncil Discussion

Yes. Allow any project to release along with the train as far as scheduling and the monster update site go. But create a second tier of product quality components that would be released as part of the EPP packages.


I guess in the end what I’m saying is treat the EPP packages as real products. That would include quality criteria to ensure that the products are successful when coming up against other “free” offerings such as NetBeans and Visual Studio Express. It could be a good mechanism to rally the projects behind raising the bar. And being products that showcase Eclipse technology, it gives the community something to rally behind. Not to mention it would be good fodder for the marketing guys, which given Ian’s participation in EPP must have been one of the goals of this thing anyway.


I’m sure the debate will rage about these Eclipse products competing against the Board members’ commercial offerings, but they should be hopefully adding more value than what these products would offer. And, not being in the know, I’m sure this debate is happening anyway.


Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead,

Doug Schaefer wrote:

I think we’ve started something with the EPP packages. I’m seeing these get reviewed in the blogosphere, instead of the individual projects. It may be interesting to focus on them as official Eclipse “products” and have the bar set sufficiently high on them to make them truly product quality. If you’re not in a package, you’re not on the train. Of course that would require us to have product management around these packages to make sure the best components are selected for the market, and to work the requirements with the projects. Just a thought…

I like that idea - make the release train build management open to all projects that conform to minimal build requirements.  Make the packages open to projects that are part of the release train build management and also meet certain quality criteria. (That is what you're suggesting, right?)

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