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Re: [] A suggested topic for PlanningCouncil Discussion

Hi Mike,

Mike Milinkovich wrote:

Doug, Doug, Ed, et al,


<stuff deleted>


As a purely practical matter, I honestly doubt that the Eclipse Foundation as the IP resources to review and approve all the CQs to ship 30 projects on the same day.

It seems to me this is a Board issue.   The projects/committers can't fix this scaling problem, move their own projects forward, and follow the IP rules at the same time.  Further, even if the number of Ganymede projects is limited in some way (to some number less than 30) then it seems to me chances are next year there will be a larger/unmanageable number of CQs just from those projects.

So if you guys don’t come up with some rules that raise the bar and limit who has the process maturity and quality to get in, don’t get mad at me for making rude and arbitrary decisions J

If the Board wants a higher level of process maturity and overall quality for the release train, then why don't they do something more than mandate that the projects (via e.g. integration testing) and EMO (IP) must do more with the same resources?


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