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[] Role of the Requirements Council

Requirements Council, (CC: Planning Council)


This email is very important – it’s not the usual YADDA YADDA.  You need to read and take action.


It appears we need a “reboot” of the mandate, and perhaps participants, of the Requirements Council.  Based on feedback from several of you, based on the lack of interest towards RC meetings, based on lack of willingness for many Strategic members to participate at all, and the fact that many organizations have a single rep for both RC and PC, it appears the value generated through the RC is not enough to justify your time and travel expense.   The current set of role of the Requirements Council can be found here [1].


The Board of Directors has an agenda item for the December meeting to discuss what the role of the Eclipse Road Map should be moving forward.  Thus we, as the Requirements Council, have a golden opportunity to provide input to the board and determine the role we play.  I think there is agreement we need to do more than maintain the T&P in the Road Map.


For our RC meeting on Tuesday November 6th, I would like each of you to work with your board representatives, your peers in the Planning Council and others within your organization to plan to discuss the following three questions:


What does your Organization think the Eclipse Road Map should be?  (This will help your board rep prepare for the board discussion in December). See [2] and search for “Road Map” for more details

Following on – Is your Organization willing to put resources (your time, your Committers time, etc) into making that vision of the Road Map happen.

Do you believe the Requirements Council should be responsible to set requirements (both high level and specific) to be part of the Eclipse release trains?

If YES, please give two examples of the kind of requirements that the RC should define.


What other things does your organization believe the RC should do to be of high value to you, our strategic members?  Two ideas to get you started are:

Creation of a Annual Report used to promote Strategic Memebers to the Ecosystem

Group time with industry Analysts and mentors culminating in a quarterly report of 3rd party insights and opportunities in the Eclipse Ecosystem


-          Don







Donald Smith

Director of Ecosystem Development

Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

P:+1 613 224 9461 x231

C:+1 613 292 5160

F:+1 212 918 1619


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