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[] Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Clarification on Europa Fall Maintenance status

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It's all a bit confused but the final Europa build is actually underway right now.

Most of the projects already have their Europa bits on their download sites and there is even a Europa combined build (most of the projects) and the EPP packages (most of the projects) on the download sites. But the final project just got their bits in this morning and thus the final build is underway. Once it is complete, I will notify Markus to rebuild the EPP packages and when that is all done, we'll update the wiki.

Do this answer help?

Steve Francisco wrote:

Hi everyone,
I'm confused by the Europa status.  Can someone help clarify?  My understanding was that the fall maintenance was to release on 9/28, but the wiki page ( now states "estimating Oct 4".  We have teams waiting to use the final Europa maintenance release and don't want to declare it ready for use prematurely.

Can someone summarize the delays and current plan?

-- Steve Francisco

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