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Re: [] Europa maintenance

According to the +0 
date was Monday, but there is still a build with 'Overall Status: Fail' 
listed on the status page, dated 21st of September.

I think this is something that definitely must be improved for the Ganymede 
release, but now it is important to get a stable Europa Fall Maintenance 

* Release date == +2 date (both on Friday, 28th) 

  -> Given that the above webpage is correct, then there are many projects
     delivering their content on that day; I am happy if the first Europa
     build works without problem, but I expect some errors.

  -> What about giving the mirror servers some time to sync?

* EPP packaging builds...

  -> I need a consistent Eclipse Europa Update Site to build the packages, and
     this was not always the case. In fact, most of the time the build was
     broken. This is another issue that we should keep in mind for Ganymede.

  -> I would like to update all the EPP download packages on the same day with 
     the Europa Fall Maintenance Release, but to be realistic: I don't think 
     this goal is within reach. I would prefer to build the packages as soon
     as the Europa build gets green, upload them as usual to the EPP download
     area and if everything looks good, change the Eclipse download page 
     next Tuesday (2007-10-02).


On Monday 24 September 2007 23:58, Kim Moir wrote:
> Looking at the Europa build page, this is the week we release the Europa
> maintenance release.
> >From at the build schedule, it doesn't seem that there are any builds
> scheduled for today.
> Given that we are releasing this week, shouldn't the builds be more
> frequent, for instance every night at least?
> Also, it would be nice if there were a schedule with dates and times for
> pushing the release builds up to so allow the mirrors adequate
> time to sync.
> Kim

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