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Re: [] One More Final Word on Legal Stuff

Each project lead should concern himself or herself with meeting the legal requirements for their particular project. While I understand the desire to copy another project's files (prototype-based programming at its best!), each project has a different legal situation - they include different third-party packages, have different cryptography issues, different source code and decompiler issues, etc. - and thus one project cannot just copy another project's files. In other words, whether the Platform project has the correct legal files should not be an issue for DSDP projects (it is an issue for the EMO, but not for DSDP).

Secondly, there is a nice certified example of all this in the Guide to Legal Documentation: the directory structure of plug-ins and of features is described (it even has indented trees of directories and sub-directories), and the file contents of each file is described via prose and links. While no document is every perfect, the descriptions in the Guide are pretty good. If there are aspects of the documentation that are confusing or ambiguous to you, please ask us for clarification and we'll be happy to help.

And finally, we ask that you not just 'work around' these issues - for example, by just copying another project's files and considering that good enough. These legal issues may seem to be "pointless make work" to some, but they are, in fact, essential - the larger Eclipse ecosystem relies on these legal processes and part of Eclipse's wide adoption is due to our strict legal cleanliness. We can work to make the processes better, but we cannot just not follow the processes because we don't like them.


Am I reading you right that Platform will need to add fulltext of the epl as well as ASCII fulltext of any other referenced 3rd party licenses?
May I ask again for a certified example of a proper feature including correct license.html,, epl-v10.html and anything else probably needed.
Does anybody of the Europa projects think they already got it right so we could copy from them?

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