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RE: [] One More Final Word on Legal Stuff

Bjorn, Janet, Mike --
thanks a lot for these clarifications.
May I point out that when I'm reading this right, the Platform itself does not currently comply in at least the following points:
Section 4.1 and the Software User Agreement. Section 4.1 of the Guide describes the requirement to have a copy of the SUA: "The appropriate SUA and a copy of any referenced license must be located in the root directory of any distributed build"
* eclipse-SDK-3.3RC3-*.zip only has epl-v10.html and notice.html at its root. But many more licenses are referenced in the features. The SUA delegates to those other licenses. So personally, I do not see why these also need to be at the root of the download. So, is the Platform doing it wrong or is the rootfile requirement wrong?
Feature Update License.
* Your "specific response to me" seems to indicate that must include ASCII fulltext of all referenced licenses. But the Platform features currently only contain the SUA in their Am I reading you right that Platform will need to add fulltext of the epl as well as ASCII fulltext of any other referenced 3rd party licenses? -- This will make the org.eclipse.sdk feature pretty large I guess.
May I ask again for a certified example of a proper feature including correct license.html,, epl-v10.html and anything else probably needed. Does anybody of the Europa projects think they already got it right so we could copy from them?

Martin Oberhuber
Wind River Systems, Inc.
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member


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