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[] Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Feedback on the europa update site

Hmm, I learn something new every day... Ok, I will modify the Europa build tool not to require that all features be listed in site.xml. I will send email to the list after I have done that so that any project who wishes to modify their portion of the site.xml may do so. Please do not modify the Europa site.xml until after I have fixed the Europa build tool. Thanks.

Jeff McAffer wrote:

Just to clarify something, to have a feature be available an installable from an update site it does NOT have to be listed in the site.xml.  The site.xml is used to show users what is available for them to select and download.  Depending on the workflow the features that are used by other projects could be put on the Europa site but not in the site.xml.  People should then be able to tell update manager to get the required features as well.  Of course, there may well be a reality issue blocking this theory...


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