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Re: [] MPL 1.1 about.html file for org.mozilla.javascript Orbit bundle

Sorry Ingo, there actually is one, recently added, but I forgot to fix the to include it in the "build".

I've just now fixed that in Orbit ... if you can/want to check it or get a bundle from the 'committers' area in an hour or
two, it should be there.

"Ingo Muschenetz" <ingo@xxxxxxxxxx>
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05/31/2007 06:14 PM

Please respond to
""        <>

"" <>
[] MPL 1.1 about.html file for        org.mozilla._javascript_ Orbit bundle

Hi All,

The org.mozilla._javascript_ bundle from Orbit is missing the about.html
file. Does anyone have pointers to another component licensed MPL 1.1
( that I can use as a reference
to correct this, or other pointers or instructions?

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